mechanical seals

Designed to address the inherent problems associated with hot polymer, monomer and plastics applications, the Model 510’s strength is in its design and function. The seal’s rugged construction and reciprocal balance compensate for the varying pressures between normal service and spikes that often occur, ensuring uninterrupted seal service.

Low Expansion Metallurgy- The Model 510's seal components are designed with the maximum possible cross-sections and constructed with low expansion metallurgy preventing the seal face distortion normally caused by pressure spikes and high temperatures.

Pressure Surge Defense- The inboard seal faces of the Model 510 utilize the hydraulic pressure of the process fluid for additional closing force. This feature maintains seal face closure if the process fluid pressure spikes above the combined pressure of the barrier fluid and the springs.

Reciprocal Balance- The 510's reciprocal balance insures optimum seal face closure and prevents barrier fluid contamination, providing uninterrupted seal service during spikes, and after normal service resumes.