mechanical seals

The ASI Model 550 is ideally suited for slurry applications, especially those with harsh operating parameters and corrosive products. It also successfully seals many bleaching materials, including multiple forms of HTH paste and higher concentration caustic products. The Model 550 (equipped with its “pumper” option) also lends itself well to hazardous waste applications.

Standard Metallurgy- Metal components are removed from the product; expensive metal upgrades are unnecessary. Material upgrades for o-rings and faces are minimal as well.

Optional Circulating Device- Deep channels milled into the pumping ring significantly enhance the circulation of barrier fluid in the seal chamber.

Rugged Inboard Faces- The inboard component seal and standard stationary seat provide a rugged “hard” face combination at no added cost.

Pump Specific Design- The customized seal gland plate “sets” the inboard seal length and insures that the seal completely fills the stuffing box.