ASI has engineered the 585 Series for superior seal performance and extended seal life. Only ASI offers three style options in our universal single seal, each  designed with advanced features that not only perform well, but also perform "smart", ensuring the highest quality at the lowest price today... and tomorrow.

Stationary Design- The Model 585 derives sealing face alignment from the pump shaft, not the stuffing box face, creating perfect sealing face squareness automatically upon installation.

Drive Mechanism- ASI's patented Safe-T-Studs™ transmit drive torque from the shaft to the seal from the inside of the seal, preventing seal damage, misalignment and accidental loosening common with other torque systems.

Reduced Spring Tension- During service, the Model 585's piston device forces springs into their drilled recesses eliminating spring fatigue, vapor deposits and uneven face wear. This feature reduces spring tension at low pressures and eliminates spring load completely at stuffing box pressures greater than 50 p.s.i.