mechanical seals

The ASI Model 590 is designed to operate with the occasional fluctuations that may occur in a seal barrier fluid supply. The features found in the Model 590 make it ideal for handling the more difficult to seal process liquids.

Reciprocal Design- The mechanism controlling closing force to the Model 590's inboard seal face is completely automatic and regulated by the differential of pressure between the process and barrier fluid.

Cartridge Mounted- Factory assembled and pressure tested, the Model 590's cartridge unit simplifies installation and allows impeller clearance adjustments to be made without disassembling the pump.

Metal Encased Seal Faces- Both inboard and outboard seal faces are encased, protecting both plant personnel and the environment from seal face failure.

Stationary Design- The Model 590 derives sealing face alignment from the pump shaft, not the stuffing box face, creating perfect sealing face squareness automatically upon installation.