mechanical seals

The ASI Model 600 is specially engineered to withstand greater radial and axial movement common to larger equipment such as slurry pumps, mixers and agitators. The 600's seal components are designed to work in unison, preventing under-compression or over-compression of the seal faces.

Unison Component Design- One set of springs, independent of the seal gland plate, energizes both stationary faces. Anti-rotation devices are positioned to give seal components maximum movement. This allows the seal to move freely with the pump shaft without increasing or decreasing the mechanical seal load on the inboard or outboard seal faces.

Greater Radial Clearances- The Model 600's design incorporates greater radial clearances between individual seal components, enabling the seal to compensate for increased shaft whip or radial thrust.

Larger Springs- The Model 600’s longer, stronger springs have less tendency to clog, as well as greater resistance to fatigue. Springs are strategically secured so that if one set of seal faces should fail, spring tension remains on the other set of faces, ensuring the integrity of the seal.