mechanical seals

The ASI 724 Series offers multiple material options to provide performance and protection. The Model 724, which utilizes a high performance PPS composite material for its wetted parts, provides unrivaled chemical resistance for corrosive applications without any trace mineral contamination. Adapted for the aquatic industry, the Model 724A combines PNM™ composite material with metal parts to seal process fluids while protecting them from metal contaminants.

Non-Metallic Seal Trim- Fabricated from a high performance PPS composite material, the wetted seal components provide greater chemical resistance without any trace chemical contamination.

Metallic Seal Chassis- Removed from the product, the rigid metal gland plate and locking collar eliminate any flexing of seal parts.

Interchangeable Design- Wetted seal parts are easily removed and replaced, providing simplified repairs and "user-friendly" material upgrades.

Monolithic Seal Faces- One piece face construction compensates for temperature fluctuations without leakage typically caused by face distortion.