mechanical seals

The Model 731 provides a superior quality, low cost alternative to "throw-away" seals. This updated seal design utilizes a stress-resistant, universal slotted gland plate to provide additional strength while accommodating an even greater range of equipment. The reduced operating length of the Model 731 creates stronger seal parts and its stationary design delivers the performance reliability that the ASI name has come to represent.

Stress-Resistant Gland Plate- Eliminates bending tendency which can result in seal face misalignment, gasket leakage and “jamming” of
seal components.

Monolithic Seal Faces- One piece construction allows seal faces to compensate for temperature fluctuations without the intermittent leakage caused by face distortion.

Optimum Seal Face Alignment- The combined features of the Model 731, including its stationary design, self-adjusting rotary face and uni-body sleeve construction, guarantee perfectly aligned seal faces.