mechanical seals

The ASI Model 800 provides a zero-emissions, single seal solution to many problematic dry-run and environmentally sensitive service requirements. The Model 800’s design directs gas pressure through the stationary seat and positions it between the seal faces. The dual-channel rotary face delivers complete seal face “lift-off” while engaging two active gas seals on one face, eliminating face contact (and ensuing heat and wear). Additionally, the Model 800’s shortened seal operating length allows it to operate at higher operating pressures while accommodating a wide range of service equipment.

Available Control Panel- Standardly equipped with ball valve, pressure gauge, check valve, flow meter, integrated filter and regulator, this self-contained control panel (required for equalized gas pressure) regulates filtered gas pressure at 20-30 psi above the maximum stuffing box pressure.

Reliable Seal Performance- Extensively lab and field-tested, the Model 800 maintains reliable, zero-emissions seal performance under gas prerssure and minimizes process fluid leakage during “loss of gas” situations (until pressure can be restablished).